Nature-ist: London Wildlife Gardening Centre Seedling Plantation

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Nature-ist: London Wildlife Gardening Centre Seedling Plantation

A blogs-eye view of the little bits of London that Nature left behind

What is it? The London Wildlife Gardening Centre seedling plantation. (We didn't actually know this: we had to ring the council, who put us in touch with their ecology officer, who was extraordinarily helpful. How cool is that, to have an ecology officer just waiting to answer inane blogger questions?! Of course he does lots of good ecological stuff as well.)

Where is it? Bellenden Road, in Peckham SE15. Opposite Highshore Road School. And snuggled behind Peckham Job Centre.

Why has it tickled our fancy? Well, it could be the original fairy glade. A little pocket of (apparently) random greenery, dappled with sunshine, dotted with wild flowers, and always mysteriously locked. Tended by a gardener that no-one ever sees. Its existence makes Londonist happy.

Nature notes: Londonist has seen a heron, foxes a-plenty, snoozing cats, and a really pretty blue-headed bird which we have decided was one of these or at least a very close cousin (but which it couldn’t really have been, as they live in Cuba). It is also reputedly a haven for the stag beetle.

Tomorrow is London Wildlife Gardening Day: leave the i-pod at home, breathe the air, and look around a bit. There’s an awful lot of wild stuff out there you know. Do let us know if there are any interesting bits where you are.

Last Updated 20 June 2008