Japanese Tapas and More at Tsuru

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Japanese Tapas and More at Tsuru

Qype at Tsuru

A recent outing to Tsuru, Canvey Street’s excellent Japanese restaurant and bar in the shadow of Tate Modern’s south side, with some of our blogging buddies and 'no hype' review site Qype found Londonist sampling a range of dishes, such as gorgeous carpaccio of seabass with lime ponzu, matched specifically to Akashi-Tai sake and Tokiwa Shochu (shochu is a traditional Japanese distilled spirit originated on Okinawa over 5000 years ago). Our palates definitely approved of the matchings and are, thus, more than happy to recommend Tsuru for ‘Ippin Ryouri’ (Japanese tapas); just keep in mind they’re not open on Saturday or Sunday. A good time to visit might be the 25th of June, when DJ Paul Fisher will present an eclectic selection of the Japan's “sonic specialties.” The event will be sponsored by boutique sake brewery, Akashi-Tai, which will offer free sake cocktails from 6.30pm.

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Last Updated 13 June 2008