I Could Have Danced All Night: ICA Nightclub Preview

By Kira Last edited 193 months ago

Last Updated 27 June 2008

I Could Have Danced All Night: ICA Nightclub Preview

When an event is portrayed as a night of "unbridled hedonism," it behooves us to sit up and take note. Tomorrow's Nightclub event will bear witness to the ICA being overrun by a DJ roundup so impressive, it's enough to make any electro enthusiast salivating and starry-eyed. Billed as an all-night disco/rave, the ICA will be pumping the music from 9 pm to 4 am. Primo UK dance scene shaper DJ Steve Bicknell will be culling from an eclectic international range, including heavy influences from the Detroit and Chicago scene. He'll be joined by DJs Trevor Jackson (on hand as ambassador of the the poppy fun Italo disco revival), DJ Benetti and more.

It's not all spinner action, though — special live acts include Prinzhorn Dance School in addition to the truly remarkable tribal futurist noise NYC quartet Gang Gang Dance, offering their brooding, darkly experimental percussive beats to the terpsichorean masses. When you need a break from the beat, head into the cinema for artist Matthew Stone's After Hours Salon, in which he poses the big questions in life to London's key art and club figures, from love and faith to "nightclubs as an incubator for radical ideas."

Dubstep to it and get your ticket now, they're fast selling out. And enjoy all that "neon raining down on you from every corner of the sky," a Paul Auster quote magically befitting this special super-rave disco (non)slumber party event. Phew. ICA, £12, £11 concessions.

Image courtesy of fotonchop's flickrstream thanks to the Creative Commons Attribution license.