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Extra Extra
  • Do you dread walking down Brick Lane because of the torrent of curry touters? Well fear not ASBOshave started being handed out to persistent touters! Who knew!
  • As well as wasting time, facebook has proved it has it's worth by helping to catch a diamond thief in Ilford.
  • If you were wondering why you were kicked offStreatham Common on Sunday, it's because a WWII grenade was being removed!
  • Now we've nicked off with Boris, the people of Henley on Thames have been casting votes for his replacement.
  • And Frost/Nixon has been announced as the opening film for this year's BFI Film Festival on 15 October.
  • Photo of Regent's Canal taken from Michael Wailes' photostream.

    Last Updated 26 June 2008


    This is fantastic news about the curry touts. I walk the length of Brick Lane twice a day on my commute to work, and I'm constantly harassed by the touts. I'm on my own, I walk fast, and they see me every single day, but they still feel the need to shout their free drinks offers at me. Not every white person on Brick Lane is there for a curry!

    ASBOs may seem a bit harsh, but seeing as how the earlier fines are doing sweet f-a to stop things, I can see why the council have escalated matters.