Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Sir Ian Blair concedes that crime figures don’t really figure.
  • The East London Line work is proceeding apace. Good news for most of us: bad news if you live in New Cross Gate.
  • The Masters Cup is moving to the 02 from next year. This is apparently good news for tennis fans.
  • The cost of living in London is too high. And stressful, very very stressful.
  • Several dodgy language colleges are busted. (That’s dodgy colleges, not dodgy languages.)
  • Savile Row tailors are embroiled in a row over what constitutes ‘bespoke’.
  • Another case of torching: a man has been arrested for setting fire to another man in Staines. We do hope this is not the start of another violent trend.

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    Last Updated 19 June 2008