Chewing Gum in Water Rats

By Talia Last edited 128 months ago
Chewing Gum in Water Rats

Love your Scandanavian synth pop as much as we do? Well get ready to squeal because Annie is back in town. If you were a fan of her 2005 album 'Anniemal', we're guessing you are probably a blogger, a Norweigan or a serious music head, because bugger all people bought it.

Those of us who did have been waiting with baited breathe ever since and now she's back with new Xenomania / Richard X produced 2nd album 'Don't Stop'. You might have caught new single 'I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me' on the radio, but if you fancy hearing more than the lady herself is playing a secret (i.e. billed under the name einnA) gig at Water Rats this very evening. Expect highlights from the new album as well as the shimmering classics such as 'My Heartbeat' and 'Greatest Hit' from Anniemal. If you have no idea what we're going on about then we suggest you check out her glorious first single here.

Tickets are still on sale and cost £6. Buy them here. She'll be on stage at 8pm.

Last Updated 11 June 2008