Alex Removed From Big Brother House; Watch Out Croydon

By Lindsey Last edited 129 months ago
Alex Removed From Big Brother House; Watch Out Croydon

23 year old Croydon mum, Alex De-Gale, was last night removed from the Big Brother house for "behaving in an unacceptable and sometimes intimidating manner towards fellow housemates". Tonight's BB footage will show her in discussion with Darnell about her "gangster friends" on the outside and generally making Croydon cringe about their latest headline hitting local.

Alex was clearly under stress, having been nominated for eviction but she'd hardly been sweetness and light beforehand. She took a psychotic dislike to fellow housemate cool, calm, chef Rex and generally tried to dominate the house with foul mouth tirades at anyone and everyone whilst keeping a select few weaker personalities sycophantically close to her.

Yet, Alex was arguably the most fragile person in the house so desperately insecure that she couldn't bear Rex borrowing her lighter without asking permission and loudly proclaiming she felt "violated" by the petty act. Spouting off about her "mans" out the outside was clearly misguided and immature, whatever her connections, and it says a lot for the paranoid atmosphere inside the house that this was construed as "intimidating" when she'd just declared any criminal association she might have on national TV.

Croydon doesn't seem to keen on Alex being let loose back in the community given the surprising number of comments in this article in the Croydon Guardian. One wonders how she passed the BB selection procedures as someone stable enough to cope with the deliberately provocative environment. Love or hate it, Big Brother gets people talking and there are many more weeks left to run...

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Last Updated 19 June 2008