15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Stabbed in Southwark

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15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Stabbed in Southwark

We don't like to start the week off with a horrifying headline like this. Another tragic teen stabbing story (time to step up those new gory anti-knife ads?) marks this year's 16th violent teen death in the city.

We don't have much information, but a 15-year-old girl wearing her school uniform was found in the lift of Matheson Lang House on Baylis Road in Lambeth with at least 10 knife wounds to her front, neck and back. She was discovered by a woman getting into the lift with her child, and was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 3:45pm.

One man has been arrested, and the scene is currently cordoned off.

Last Updated 02 June 2008