Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

Photograph of the Reverend Al Sharpton by Armchair Messiah on Flickr

  • Gothamist watched a series of civil disobedience events, protesting the Sean Bell shooting verdict, unfold across the city—over 200 people, including the Reverend Al Sharpton, were arrested. Somewhat related, on behalf of a black freelance reporter for the NY Post, the NYCLU sued the city and NYPD for racial profiling.
  • Phillyist took a look at how city employees are bankrupting Philadelphia. Not that they need more cops on the streets there or anything.
  • Seattlest wondered what it means when we see shoes flung over power lines.
  • Shanghaiist spotted Superman on the Shanghai subway.
  • LAist's blood boiled when they found out that California is busting forward thinking veggie oil fuel car users — those caught include Gov. Schwarzenegger.
  • SFist reported on Mayor Gavin Newsom's Make-Me-Governor tour, which included a trip to Israel and a proposed cigarette ban.
  • Torontoist covered a precedent-setting media ethics ruling that will force a local news station to admit error for using a Flickr photographer's work without permission or credit.
  • Bostonist's Dreamboat Baby apologized for allowing New Kids on the Block to assail our ears with a new single, which Bostonist didn't completely hate.
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