Tourists Stay Home

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Tourists Stay Home

London is especially lovely in the summer months, so it comes as no surprise that visitors would want to come and bask in the capital’s loveliness while the sun is [usually] shining and the weather is [generally] mild. But this summer might be a bit different; according to Visit London, overseas tourism is expected to grow a mere 0.3%, the lowest since 2002. The main factor to blame is the credit crunch; while previously North American tourists have been undaunted by a 2:1 exchange rate, the slowing economy has made travellers a bit more conservative with their dollars. And apparently that’s being optimistic: There’s a very real chance that there will be a decline in overseas visitors. It has already been projected that the number of domestic visitors will fall by 3.4%.

While deep down (or maybe right there on the surface) this will make many Londoners grin about the thought of eased pedestrian traffic or a decrease in inane comments on the tube, fewer tourists will actually hurt the city’s economic situation at a time when we’re feeling the credit crunch as well. Last year, tourists brought £8.7 billion with them to London; while sharing our home with outsiders can provide the occasional annoyance, it would be hard to deny that they contribute to London in their own way.

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Last Updated 12 May 2008