Ting Tings Tonight

By Talia Last edited 129 months ago
Ting Tings Tonight

When bands get hyped beyond normality they can become pretty annoying, particularly if like New Young Pony Club you don't really have anything to back it up. The Ting Tings are the latest example of mega hypedom. From Salford, they formed previously hyped but failed band Dear Eskiimo before deciding to start afresh and sign with Columbia Records.

Catch us on a Friday night and there's no doubt we'll be jumping about to 'Great DJ' and shimmying round the room to 'That's Not My Name' so this time round our hopes for them are great. They've just had 'Shut Up & Dance' put onto an Apple advert and all the right people are tipping them to be big. So if you want to sound cool Ting Tings are like your favourite band evaaah y'hear!

But when we saw them at Hoxton Bar & Grill back in January the show was just alright. On record they admittedly sound brilliant on the tracks we've heard so far but will their live show hold them back? Tonight they play Zavvi on Oxford Street at 6pm to celebrate the launch of new single 'That's Not My Name', and if we could we would be there . It's free in, so if you make it down let us know what they were like, and we might put our ranting fingers to rest.

Other instores this week (all at Zavvi): Tues: Dans Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Wed: THe Charlatans, Sun: Jay Sean. Free music hooray!

Last Updated 12 May 2008