Random Graffito of the Week: Ben Dawson

By Amanda Last edited 129 months ago
Random Graffito of the Week: Ben Dawson

The Moment A Thought Explains Itself

While strolling along the Southbank one afternoon, Londonist happened to notice a random museum-style plaque tacked low on the side of a building. The plaque read “The Moment A Thought Explains Itself,” crediting the work to Ben Dawson, dated 2008. Somewhere between bemused and amused, we took a snap of the plaque and put it on our Flickr account. Imagine our surprise when other people began contacting us with photos of other plaques and notes of other sighting around London (and a few in Norwich, too).

Ben Dawson’s plaques have been spotted around the capital at Oxford Circus and near Harley Street, but we’re curious if anyone else has seen the plaques in other places. We’re also curious about this Ben Dawson character – there’s no information about him anywhere. So, if you have anymore details on Ben Dawson or other sighting of the plaques, please let us know in the comments section.

Photo by Amanda Farah.

Last Updated 21 May 2008