Moonwalk on the Millennium Dome

By Julie PH Last edited 126 months ago
Moonwalk on the Millennium Dome

Thrill-seekers, take note: the once destitute, now awesome O2 arena wants to become even more awesome. Since the Dome’s rebirth nearly a year ago, its owners have no doubt managed to squeeze a pretty penny or two out of the O2’s interior – what with all the purple rain, wannabes, and whole lotta love seen within its walls. And although Michael Jackson’s month-long moonwalk has yet to be confirmed, you might someday have the chance to moonwalk on – or at least climb – the exterior of the O2 bubble.

Taking a cue from the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb (hopefully, with ridiculous space-age jumpsuits to match), O2 owners are reportedly hoping to turn the dome of the arena into its own tourist destination – by allowing visitors to traipse over its 365-metre-diameter roof. At a mere 50 metres in height, the dome’s views can’t possibly compete with those from the 135-metre-high London Eye. Still, situated on the Greenwich peninsula, it will certainly offer visitors yet another perspective of our beloved city.

The O2 owners may perhaps be wise to try to tap this – to our knowledge – hitherto underexploited market. With no bridges to (legally) scale, whither go the London daredevils, the adventure-seeking tourists? Will both leap at the chance to strap themselves into climbing gear and dangle precipitously from the dome? What’s next? Bungee jumping from BT Tower?

In the meantime, we hope this will generate some amusing Touch Up Londons. Who would you like to see photoshopped onto the Dome?

Image courtesy of Joe Dunckley’s Flickrstream via the Creative Commons Attribution license

Last Updated 22 May 2008