Mass Marriage

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Mass Marriage

If you go down to Westminster Cathedral today at 3pm, you're sure for a big surprise. Well, for one thing you'll see 700 married couples going in after an invitation from the Archbish of Westminster for a Mass to celebrate their marriages.

So far, so blessed. Celebrating partnerships that this year mark significant milestones - 10, 25, 50 or even 60+ years - must be really something. Taking a moment from the every-day to step back, and look at life with your partner and family. (Although frankly we would put money on there being at least some bickering in the corner during the service.)

These couples are all drawn from the catholic faith, of course, so the only thing that worries us is whether the pulpit will be used to bash London's other amazing families - from other faiths, say, or gay families, or those who build their lives together for a lifetime without needing to sign a book or wear a big meringue. We don't know what the Archbish will say at 3pm, but if he does cross the line we'll be the first on the phone to Peter Tatchell, we can tell you.

Anyway, while we're very happy for each of the couples involved, Londonist wants to take this moment to salute all of our fair city's families and partnerships, regardless of their religious views. London's diversity is unique. Well done all!

*group hug*

Pic taken from Mark Bridge's Flickrstream

Last Updated 10 May 2008