London-Area Teens and Their Newfangled Antarctic Dreams

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London-Area Teens and Their Newfangled Antarctic Dreams

A team of sixth-form students seem intent on heading to a part of the world boasting worse weather than London. Six teens from The John Lyon School in Harrow are working on raising money to become the first group to surmount a peak of the Ellsworth Mountain Range, the highest mountain range on Antarctica.

After months of intense training in Scotland, Norway and Britain, they will head to Chile in November 2009 to prepare for the ten-day Antarctic adventure. They’ll bring their expedition to the 21st century by blogging about their 20-month progress towards the globe’s wintry nether regions.

One of the members of the team, James Caldecourt, 17, said "We all enjoy the outdoors and have some sort of experience. So this would really be the next step up, the pinnacle of outdoor challenges." Ah, to be young and attending an elite school that actually entertains such lofty goals that cost…choke...£260,000. The students need to raise this paltry sum for the trip, but aim to raise £360,000 and give the surplus to children’s charities. They are hoping for local businesses to sponsor them, so if you’re keen on funding a pioneering trip for these strapping and ambitious young lads, contact Ralph Durbridge on 0208 872 8400, or email

We're moving forward, readers. London's teens: no longer content to merely function as useless nuisances on public transport! Now they're pursuing ambitions involving that 7th continent inhabited only by batty scientists. A well impressive goal, and one the Londonist team hopes to see them pull off.

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