Gaslight Returns To Savile Row

Dean Nicholas
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Gaslight Returns To Savile Row
Savile Row

It's enough to make Hanwell residents fume. While folk in the lowly Ealing burg are still battling to hang on to their antique lampposts, over in Savile Row a makeover this autumn will see Victorian gas lamps make a reappearance.

Before any out-of-work lamplighters prick up their ears and reach for their wicks, we should point out that the lamps actually date from the Fifties, and are electric ones designed originally for Parliament Square but made to look like their Victorian counterparts. The number of lamps on the Row will rise from eight to eleven, meaning an "improvement in the level and quality" of lighting, boasted Westminster council. They can afford to be chipper - the bill is being met not by them but mostly by the landlord, The Pollen Estate.

The "golden mile of tailoring", whose bespoke tailors boast custom from the likes of Napoleon III, Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill and Dean Gaffney (you sure about that last one?), will also have a further spruce-up. A lot of the cluttered signage will be removed, and the old posts will be taken down, in an attempt to recreate the classic atmosphere of a thoroughfare long synonymous with quality garms.

The new lights are expected in the autumn - perfect for a spot of olde worlde-style wedding season suit-buying.

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Last Updated 28 May 2008


"we should point out that the lamps ... are electric ones"

You wouldn't have to point that out if the headline wasn't thoroughly misleading. How do you justify it considering it conveys the opposite of the actual truth? I suppose because it masks that there is nothing noteworthy on which to comment. A return of gaslight, on however small a scale, would be significant. An installation of electric lighting really isn't.


Actually, headlesschicken, we did it specifically to wind you - yes, you - up. Worked a charm, really.

Temper like that, I'd worry about the salt in your diet, sir.


Well done. If you want to finish me off I suggest your next headline be "Thames flows East-West in uphill shocker!" I'll happily take the ad hominem on the chin if this makes one iota of difference to what you (plural, as you claim it) consider to be a worthwhile post and a decent headline. My criticism, however strongly put, was constructive. Your response? Not so much.


I was hopeful that the play 'Gaslight' was making a comeback. I don't feel mislead... only a bit sad that it's not.


If the council/landlord actually cared about the integrity and atmosphere on the Row they'd have never let Abercrombie and Fitch in, grrr. It's all about money these days - that BBC4 documentary last month was a great eye opener.


Fake gas lamps are definitely the way forward. I always say yes to pastiche Olde Worlde fixtures n fittings. Can't get enough of em.

But never mind the horror that is A&F (though to be fair isn't that on Burlington Gardens?) - how on Earth did English Heritage get away with flogging off Fortress House - their own rather impressive 1930s HQ at 23 Savile Row - to a developer who's knocked it down and is building a mundane office block? I mean what kind of a heritage outfit are they? I hope Boris is watching them...


DeanN - you do seem to go for the ad hominem before actually responding to readers' views. I don't particularly care, having been raised in the killing fields of b3ta, etc., but it might just rub up some of your more tender readers the wrong way. Not big or clever.


@ Siany - Gaslight the play = really quite dull. Gaslight the black & white movie = really quite ace!

@headlessness - we favour strong headlines to entice readers in but obviously we don't ever mean to mislead. We considered this a charming, wee story about an attempt to bring touristy olde worlde charm back to a traditional timewarpy street to be read over a cuppa and cause a wry smile. "Fake Gaslamps To Light Savile Row" didn't have half the mystery (whilst all the veracity).