Lamppost Row Riles Hanwell Residents

Dean Nicholas
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Lamppost Row Riles Hanwell Residents
Lamppost at night

To West Ealing, where news of residents getting into a lather over lampposts has Londonist asking that age-old, perennially unanswered question: don't folk have anything better to do with their time?

Dubbed by one wag as the "Battle of the Bulbs", the row erupted after resident groups gathered to protest Ealing council's decision to remove a number of antique lampposts and rehome them in the Heritage Quarter being developed at West Ealing. Battle lines were drawn in the hitherto sleepy burg of Campbell Road, where a group of locals squared off against workers as they tried to install replacement lampposts.

Police were brought in to ensure no funny business went down, and eventually the contractors were able to fit the new posts in place. This is hardly the end of the affair though: toys will no doubt be thrown out of the pram again when workers return at a later date to remove the old lights.

Said a defiant local resident:

"We are making the point we do not want these 100-year-old lampposts replaced with imitations. They have tried to push these changes through without any consultation, and we are being treated like second class citizens.

As admirable as such a stand is, we can't help but imagine that, if this is the most pressing issue facing the unhappy homemakers of Hanwell, then truly it must be a kind of paradise on earth.

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Last Updated 15 April 2008

Amanda Farah

I look forward to the day when I have enough time on my hands to protest things like lamppost relocations.

Peter Chadburn

It may appear trivial to some but we have a conservation area and the council in March said that a mixture of our lamps should be maintained. Then less than a month later they come along to take them away to a Heritage Quarter. Their own report said:-
From Hanwell Village Green Conservation Area Character Appraisal – March 2008-

Section 5.4 Page 22

The public realm in general is uncluttered and reads as a neutral backdrop to the buildings. Street lighting is a mixture of reproduction ‘Victorian’ lamp
standards, usually painted black, as on Church
Road, and older swan-neck lamps, as on Manor
Court Road. Both are appropriate in this setting.

The Borough Council has recently commissioned a
private contractor to replace all of the street lighting in the Borough and it is hoped that existing fitments of merit in the CA will be retained.

Heritage is something that evolves over time. This also implies that One area of the Borough is less worthy!! So what will they move around or take away next in the name of attracting visitors? It may appear trivial to some but with new planning laws on the way and Runway 3 on it's way, People have got to watch out!!