Fancy a Pint? Try One of These Top 10 Pubs

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Fancy a Pint? Try One of These Top 10 Pubs


Every month, the folks at Fancyapint? get together to vote for their top ten favourite pubs. These are recently visited pubs that for one reason or another (the ambience, the booze, the company) stuck in their collective memory. Kindly, these booze-savvy Fancyapinters have decided to share their latest picks with Londonist and all our readers. Cheers!

Here’s the current list from Fancyapint? in no particular order of merit. They assure us that all ten pubs are quality establishments.

  • Jerusalem Tavern rated 5 pints (Farringdon, London)
    ... One of a kind - with excellent own-brewed beers.
  • Betsey Trotwood rated 3 pints (Clerkenwell, London)
    ... A fine Shepherd Neame pub.
  • Cock Tavern rated 3 pints (Smithfield, London)
    ... Vegetarians look away now.
  • Golden Eagle rated 4 pints (Marylebone, London)
    ... A jolly time to be had by all in this tiny, tiny pub.
  • Prince Arthur rated 4 pints (Euston, London)
    ... Breaking the rule that states pubs next to stations must be universally awful.
  • Sekforde Arms rated 4 pints (Clerkenwell, London)
    ... A hidden away, traditional local.
  • The Dovetail Bar rated 4 pints (Clerkenwell, London)
    ... Antwerp in Clerkenwell, how did that happen?
  • The Old Doctor Butler's Head rated 4 pints (London Wall, London)
    ... Old Dr. Butler would have had a fine old time in here.
  • The Water Poet rated 3 pints (Spitalfields, London)
    ... The antithesis of the smart bar - and all the better for it.
  • The Greenwich Union rated 4 pints (Greenwich, London)
    ... Another own-brew pub that shows the big boys how it should be done.
  • Photo of the Dovetail by Chris Osburn

    Last Updated 08 May 2008


    Yay! My local is in there! Happy!

    I love these lists. The remind me of all the great pubs I haven't been to in ages. Then they tell me of loads more I should try. Brilliant.


    Ha – I knew that mention of the Greenwich Union would elicit a comment by Siany!

    Otherwise... so many Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon-based pubs!


    That's 'cause Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon rocks!


    I ended up in the Jerusalem Tavern a few weeks ago, a funny little place that but well worth hunting it down.

    Also, I was this week introduced to one of the Greenwich Union's fine beers, albeit in bottled form at, yes, a Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon-based pub. It's true, pubs in that area rock. Indubitably.


    Am I really that predictable? Oh dear...

    Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon is growing on me too. Must investigate the area more.


    Word is one Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon serves up rather tasty goose fat chips.

    As for the Jerusalem, here's our What's for Lunch? report:


    They look like great pubs in a great area, but it's a shame that the chap who came up with this list couldn't have made at least some effort to make it a London top 10 as opposed to a Clerkenwell/Smithfield/Farringdon top 10?

    There are some top pubs in Putney and Kensington off the beaten track -- completely overlooked, unfortunately... :(


    There is no single individual 'chap' coming up with the Fancyapint? lists. Visit

    for more about the group and how they come up with their lists. For more of their pub lists on Londonist (it's a monthly thing), check out:



    I love how random the Fancy A Pint list always is.

    And I do keep meaning to do a top 10 pub crawl for the month... this one might be easier than most...


    Yeah, supplement their Clerkenwell pubs w/ a few others nearby and you'd have a great night out.

    I think someone (SIANY perhaps?) should investigate all the pubs on these FAP? lists and report back to Londonist!


    It seems only right that the Londonist Food and Drink editor should accompany her...


    Just name the date!