Walk To Work... But Only If You Want To

By Hazel Last edited 131 months ago
Walk To Work... But Only If You Want To

It is Walk to Work Day on Thursday 24 April as organised by the charity Living Streets that campaigns for better streets and public spaces for pedestrians ... but similar 'alternative means of transport' days for Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 April as organised as by Bob Crow and the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union have been cancelled.

It is indeed a Good Idea to walk more - it is healthier, cheaper, more reliable than getting the Tube or bus, there are better views than the armpits and frowns of other commuters and it's a good way to learn more about the city you live in. It shouldn't require much convincing to get the deskbound office workers aong us to to try it out, especially as the weather seems to be at a 'clement' standard so far. You can sign a pledge on the Walking Works site here and get involved in a few other campaigns that encourage walking as a Good Thing.

What is also a Good Thing is the cancellation of industrial action as the RMT retracts its threat to stage walk outs on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 April. The 48 hour strike was going to be organised as a demand for conditions and pensions guarantees in the face of maintenance firm Metronet. Apparently, satisfactory terms and conditions had been received by RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, so the Tube will run as normal. Not necessarily better, but normal. Crow is quoted as saying, with a certain degree of faux-surprise: "It is difficult to understand why these assurances could not have been given without us having to name strike dates." Perhaps because it's difficult to hear the assurances the RMT want so badly over the rapid fire barking of "Strike! Strike! Strike!" the second any negotiations start? Be cheered, stalwart commuters - you need only to walk to your offices if you want to.

Last Updated 22 April 2008