They gotta mighty convoy, rockin’ through Park Lane…

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They gotta mighty convoy, rockin’ through Park Lane…

London was invaded today by a riot of colour and a-honkin’ of horns. A convoy of 65 trucks vroomed on Park Lane to express their anger at soaring diesel prices: they were bearing a coffin representing the demise of the haulage industry to present to Downing Street.

Now greenies we may be at heart, but you know these guys have a point. They are the backbone of British industry, and until teleportation becomes a reality we need them and their lorries. And they need diesel. The lobby, which is organised by Transaction 2007 (the guys that brought the country to a standstill in 2000), are doubly miffed because loadsa continental riggers are coming over loaded with cheap fuel which enables them to undercut the British hauliers.

Londonist heard the cacophony and saw them go past this morning, and we have to say, 'mercy sakes alive', it was a magnificent sight (if not such a wonderful sound). There is something jolly exciting and inarguably powerful about lots of very noisy vehicles in procession. Even Rubber Duck would be proud. So 10-4, breaker boys: we support you.

Roger and out.

Lorries from Zed.Cat’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 29 April 2008