Street Art To Spruce Up Tate Modern

Dean Nicholas
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Street Art To Spruce Up Tate Modern

In the week that Doris' crack gets filled in, Tate Modern has announced plans for a rethink of the building's river-facing facade. Between May and August, a group of the world's most acclaimed street artists will be allowed to daub their designs across designated 15x12 metre areas on the north side of the former power station, the first time the exterior has been used in such a way.

According to curator Cedar Lewisohn, the aim is to introduce London folk to the vibrant world of street art, beyond "just the household name or two we know in this country". Hmm, we wonder, who can he mean?

The artists involved include Italian scribbler Blu (who the Beeb cheerfully notes is "interested in death"); Parisian photographer JR; and comic-fixated Barcelonan Sixeart.

The world beyond Europe is represented by Os Gemeos from Brazil, fellow Paulista Nunca, and (reflecting graffiti's American heritage) the New York collective Faile. Rumours that London's own amorous artist would be given a slot are, of course, cobblers.

Fans of Giles Gilbert Scott's magnificent building (and you can count both Londonist and the peregrine falcon among them), fear not: a protective coating will be placed on the wall to ensure the facade remains unblemished.

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Image of Tate Modern from Monster.'s Flickrstream

Last Updated 02 April 2008