Statue In Dress Down Friday In Finchley

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Statue In Dress Down Friday In Finchley

In terms of childish prank-playing, this one is an odd inversion of the usual willies, tits and bums that get drawn in marker pen on posters and text books. Instead of adding extra rude bits to a bit of public art, there has been an amusing bit of covering up on the statue La Delivrance that stands on Henley Corner in Finchley.

The sculpture was unveiled in 1927 and is basically a 16 foot tall naked lady with arms outstretched towards the sky. Today, she is a 16 foot tall lady with nothing but a bra on her chest to save her modesty. We can't help but think this makes the rest of her nudity even more noticeable, like attempting to hide a bald spot on the head by combing five or six heartbreakingly fine strands of hair over it.

In a sign of how times have changed, the locals who were rather taken aback by the bronze brazen hussy when she was originally unveiled revealing her goods are now rather baffled by the sudden prudish prank. "I hope it doesn't stay like that, because that's the whole idea of the naked lady, that she is naked," said one local. Indeed. Take that bra off now, young lady, and stop mucking about - one of the last things we expected to say on Londonist but for the sake of public art, we mean it.

Image courtesy of D I C K S D A I L Y from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 25 April 2008