Police Van Hits Woman in Brixton

By Amanda Last edited 129 months ago
Police Van Hits Woman in Brixton

A woman died in Brixton last night after being hit by a police van. The woman was reportedly blocking traffic near Brixton Town Hall and taunting the driver of the Serco van just before she was hit and dragged under the vehicle, which was then swarmed by passers by. The van was transporting 11 prisoners, all of whom were uninjured and accounted for.

The as-yet unnamed victim, aged about 30, died at the scene. The driver of the van was arrested but was later released, though he has been told to return to the police station later today. The incident is under further investigation thanks to CCTV.

To all of the pedestrians out there, we ask that you play it safe. To the motorists, please keep an eye out for those not surrounded by metal boxes.

Image from stevecadman's Flickrstream

Last Updated 23 April 2008