<em>Outdoors</em> Man Thwarts ASBOs

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<em>Outdoors</em> Man Thwarts ASBOs

Londonist always gets a warm fuzzy feeling when someone proves to us that there's still hope for humanity. Ernie Dingo, famous for his role in Crocodile Dundee II, became a real life hero when he came to the rescue of a young boy getting bullied. Dingo was on Carnaby Street filming for his Channel 7 series The Great Outdoors when his attention was drawn to a boy following a group of bullies who had nicked his phone. The boy pleaded for his mobile back while other shoppers simply looked on with disapproval. But bullies never pick on anyone their own size and they cower when someone bigger steps in; according to witnesses, Dingo wasn't met with much resistance when he stepped in to demand the boy's phone back. The youths ran off shortly after, leaving the boy with his phone and Dingo to the approval of the crowd. Isn't it nice when life imitates art?

Photo of Ernie Dingo from ernie_greatoutdoors' Flickrstream.

Last Updated 25 April 2008