New Music For Kings Cross

By Talia Last edited 129 months ago
New Music For Kings Cross

We've had champagne bars, reports of amazing bacon sandwiches and an all round thumbs up from the regneration project at Kings Cross so far, and now there's news on a musical twist.

While the area lost The Cross, Canvas and The Key at the turn of the year, music will be brought back in October with the opening of the first concert hall in London in recent times.

Located at Battlebridge Basin up York Way, the venue, called Kings Place has just been handed over to the owners and is set to seat 420 in it's concert venue. The opening festival will launch on October 1 and plans include Haydn and Mozart operas, Beethoven recitals, talks, Brodsky Quartet, Endymion ensemble and assorted recitals from it's two resident orchestras - the OAE and the London Sinfonietta.

As well as the main concert hall, there will be a 2nd musical space, 7 floors of offices (woo!), a sculpture area and various food and drink outlets springing up. For more details check out their official site.

Last Updated 30 April 2008