Modern Design - Poolside

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Modern Design - Poolside

It might be today's sudden onslaught of barmy summer madness, but downright weirdness is most definitely going on down at Brockwell Lido, Lambeth's much-loved open-air swimming pool.

We hear disturbing reports of pool-goers competing to make jelly-moulds of buildings, and others making seats - but inspired solely by the concept of, um, napkin-folding.

Obviously, we were immediately concerned that the dodgy french art teacher from our old school had somehow taken control over the lido (you know the one - he wore purple leather trousers and smelt of Crinoline). But after investigation, it turns out that their latest event actually sounds quite cool.

Next weekend (3rd and 4th May) the Lido will hold its first Modern Movement Design Fair. So if 1930s iconic furniture and furnishings float your, er, boat, then you should probably pop in - especially if the names Eames, Wegner, Jacobson, Wanscher, Bertoia or Riley make you touch your chin and say "hmmm". Expect talks and tours with architects and young designers - and piles of old stuff for sale.

All organised by a man* who runs the rather splendid Bleu in Herne Hill, but only because his home was originally taken over by vintage chairs to such an extent that he either had to set up in business or he'd never be able to get out of the door.

* (Wonder if he wears purple leather trousers? We warned you there'd be weirdness.)

Last Updated 26 April 2008