Music Preview: Merzbow at ULU Tomorrow

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Music Preview: Merzbow at ULU Tomorrow

If you like your music noisy, we have a lot in common. If you're willing to subtract all semblance of melody and dig an improvised sonic assault of electronic noise terror, then we'll see you tomorrow night.

If there were ever an artist whose name was synonymous with their chosen musical genre, it's Merzbow and noise. Since the late 1970s Tokyo's Masami Akita has been active in the aural underground as Merzbow, masterfully manipulating tape loops and sending synthesizers to uncharted destructive depths. Known for his prolificness as much as his harsh sound, he has easily over 300 releases in addition to the mammoth 50 CD Merzbox box set.

Although his recordings are abundant, unless you have really large speakers and neighbours with uncommonly extreme tastes in music, not much compares to seeing the original noise master live. It's a rare treat to stand submerged in a sea of hiss and crackle like this, with sine wave whoops and whistles fighting to make themselves heard above the controlled chaos. Without a doubt it is one of the most visceral musical experiences you can have, so we're thrilled that Cold Spring has brought Merzbow to ULU for a gig tomorrow night. No fan of experimental electronic music should consider missing this.

Oh, but please stop at Boots and buy some earplugs first. We don't need to strain the NHS with a few hundred more tinnitus cases next week.

Tidal Promotions presents Cold Spring at ULU featuring Merzbow, Sutcliffe Jügend and Satori on Saturday 19 April 2008. Tickets are £15 advance.

All ticket-holders receive a free CD of exclusive material from all three acts. Present your ticket at the Cold Spring stall to receive it.

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