London Red Bus In Space: Not An April Fool

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London Red Bus In Space: Not An April Fool
businspace.jpg are showing a picture of a London red bus ensconced within European space freighter the Jules Verne.

Less romantically known as the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), the Jules Verne is due to dock with the International Space Station tomorrow.

Alas, the bus is intended as an indicator of capacity for, as far as we know, the craft is laden with supplies and experiments, and not a decommissioned Routemaster.

That said, Nasa are looking for the orbital equivalent of a special bus service. The space shuttle is due to retire in 2010 and until its replacement comes online five years later, the US will have to buy seats on foreign or private craft. Could ATV + Routemaster be the answer? Special fares may apply.

Image courtesy of Nasa/ESA.

Last Updated 02 April 2008