Listen Up: Leon Jean Marie

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Listen Up: Leon Jean Marie

Out today is the debut 'major label' single by South Woodford boy Leon Jean Marie. It's taken a little while to click but now we love how it sounds like Madness and it's creepy, ploddy quality.. Plus get this, Ronson produced it and managed to leave out the bloody trombones. Hooray! Check out the video.

We grabbed Leon for 5 mins last week...

Hello Leon. South Woodford has spawed Vince Clarke, Tony Robinson and now you, but we've never been. Is it amazing?

Ha. I'm not sure I'd call it amazing. It's right at the end of the central line, my postcode is E18, the last postcode of London. It was good as a teenager because I could sit on the fence between Essex and East London. I was London but I also felt like a tourist, it was a good viewing point.

Should we go and visit?

Well the best thing to do is get on the tube and get out!! Haha, you know what I mean, but no, to give it credit, it has a really nice river that's good for walks... (faltering...) Oh dear!

You've done lots of support gigs, are they a nightmare?

I've heard horror stories but I've genuinely liked everyone I've supported so it's been really good fun. The Roots at Somerset House last year has to be a highlight though, I love them and it was a wicked venue to play.

'Bed of Nails' is on the Radio 2 playlist, but not Radio 1. As a 24 year old is that a bit annoying?

I understand with Radio 1 it's a younger crowd and it's a lot more vibrant. Instead they sometimes play my 7 inch of 'Stay Right Here' which is a lot funkier so it fits in their world. R2 – I'm a big fan and to be A list on R2 is a real blessing. It's really cool.

If we weren't listening to Bed of Nails on repeat who do you think we should be checking out?

I've just got into Kanye West 'Graduation', really late I know, but if I try to think of something a bit cooler I'd go for The Clik Clik. They're crazy kids from Fulham and they make really good bleepy music.

And finally if you could give us a top tip for something in London we might not know yet what would it be?

Well I think this one might be quite well known, but if you're after a night of amazing live music, I'd head to The Troy Bar. It's on Hoxton Street by Old Street station, and it's totally random for that area but so much good fun. It's really small and intimate and Amy Winehouse's band play there all the time. A wicked night out!

Thank you Leon Jean Marie.

Seriously this guy was one of the loveliest pop stars we've met in ages and we wish him the every success. If you fancy seeing him live you can find him at Kings College on May 1 with Alphabeat & The Clik Clik.

Last Updated 07 April 2008