Facelift for White Tower

By Amanda Last edited 129 months ago
Facelift for White Tower

Even 950-year-old towers need a little sprucing up once in a while. The Tower of London's oldest building, the White Tower, is under going a £2 million, three year restoration project that will include cleaning and restoring the exterior of the tower. This means that for next three years there will be scaffolding surrounding the tower, however efforts are being made to limit just how much of an eyesore that scaffolding will be: St Albans art student Rydal Hanbury has sketched out scenes representing the tower's history to cover the scaffolding. Perhaps it doesn't quite have the character as the facade of the tower itself, but it's a good deal more charming than plain boards. And visitors to the Tower of London needn't worry too much; while they won't be able to get picturesque snapshots of the White Tower's exterior, the tower interior will still be open for all of the regular tours during the works.

Photo of scaffold-free White Tower from wallyg's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 11 April 2008