Bigger Boat Film Quiz Tonight

By Hazel Last edited 129 months ago
Bigger Boat Film Quiz Tonight

Although the London-centric questions of tomorrow's Ultimate London Pub Quiz are bound to be fun and jolly (after all, the first round is set by members of the Londonist team), film trivia may be more your kind of thing. So, to offer you the fullest of post-work options in London town, we are pleased to tell you that our friends at the You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Film Quiz are back at the Boogaloo tonight.

Just a few short minutes stride from Highgate tube and a tiny £2 entrance fee later, you and your friends could be debating in furious whispers exactly which film that piece of music comes from, or what happens next in the clip the quizmasters have just shown. We've done the Bigger Boat Film Quiz ourselves, and we can confirm the almost euphoric sense of achievement when it is you, and only you in the team that has correctly distinguished a fight scene in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome from a desert brawl scene in Dune.

This month's quiz has these extra incentives: an all-Disney soundtracks round, a round of 'movie firsts' and a rather rude 'bit parts' round. This is quality stuff: gather your best film geek friends and aim for the top prizes - you could be proud winners of DVD boxsets (fight among yourselves) or appropriate / inappropriate film merchandise. There was a Chucky Doll prize at one of the quizzes. With that in mind, fight among yourselves accordingly.

Bigger Boat Film Quiz, tonight at the Boogaloo, Highgate, £2.00 entry. Quiz starts at 8.30pm, get there before the start to guarantee a table. For more information, go to the Bigger Boat Film Quiz website here.

Last Updated 02 April 2008