Let Them Drink Tap Water

By Lindsey Last edited 130 months ago
Let Them Drink Tap Water

Government departments are being asked to switch from bottled to humble tap water for lubricating the endless meetings involved in running the Civil Service.

Hot on the heels of Ken's campaign to get London's diners to insist on tap water in restaurants, this switch could save Whitehall more than £100,000 a year according to a Panorama investigation into council spend on bottled water. DEFRA, which has already made the switch, was draining a jolly expensive, plastic bottle accumulating and energy wasting 1000 bottles a month round the boardroom tables.

Switching to tap water is just one way the Cabinet Office is demonstrating the government's commitment to sustainable operations across the Civil Service and action on placcy bags is next.

Image courtesy of malla mi's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 07 March 2008