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The Nice Movement
Priority seat, priority area

This weekend column is brought to you by the founders of Niceties Tokens, Liz and Pete of Team Nice.

36. Art Attack

Last week I mentioned about TfL's campaign to encourage better manners on public transport.

The main issues I have with this and TfL's other advertising for this issues are that the new posters do not appear where they are needed (actually in-situ on the carriage) the characters are possibly not well suited to the target market, and also whilst there are well known placards on public transport requesting you give up your seat to someone who needs it more, they are so familiar that they are literally part of the furniture – so we don't register them anymore.

If we had a new reminder in the carriages, something that we would read, it might remind us to look about. The vast majority of commuters are people like us, and if we genuinely thought about it, looked up and saw a heavily pregnant woman or someone on crutches etc, we would not have a problem in giving up our seat. If you saw an engaging small drawing politely blu-tacked to the back of the seat in front of you saying this, you would be more than likely to take more notice of it.

On a completely unrelated matter, Team Nice are calling all artists for submissions on their new project. We are going to create a small magazine or 'zine' to show off different artwork, from different artists all around the same theme. We will publish the zine over the summer and all artists will receive a copy.

Your artwork must comply with the following criteria…

  • It must say somewhere on the piece "Hello, please look around and see if anyone needs your seat more than you."
  • To go in the zine it will need to be A5, colour or black and white. Your original can be any size but bear in mind when it is reproduced it will be this size.
  • Please don’t put your name on the actual artwork, we will put your name in the zine next to your piece when we publish it.
  • Submit your art via email to or for a postal address, email me at the same address and I’ll give you somewhere to send it.
  • The closing date is 1st May 2008.
  • Any other questions, email Liz at

    By Liz Akers

    Last Updated 02 March 2008