T5 Female First Landing

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T5 Female First Landing

The first landing on T5's smooth, new runway must surely be a momentous occasion. After all, it's not only got a snappy 21st century moniker but a spanking new art work, controversial fingerprinting technology and purple halls and stripy seats. Special. But, with a complete lack of foresight, T5 missed out on the first London touch down of the infamous double decker jumbo the A380 last week. Dang. Instead, its chosen publicity stunt is to have the maiden landing marked by being performed by one Capt Barton. A woman.


Yes, it's one of those sign of the times moments when we realise that it is still 'special' for a lady to be trusted flying a plane. Especially when you consider Capt Barton only became BA's first woman pilot in 1987. We can remember 1987. Mrs Thatcher was in charge, for goodness sake. We thought women ruled the world.


Whilst we wish it wasn't a big thing to have Lyn Barton land BA026 from Hong Kong on T5's untarnished tarmac on Thursday morning we've every respect for her; blazing a career trail through the sky for women in a notoriously male dominated profession. Bring her down gently, Captain and don't forget to make a gag about the fingerprinting funk up.

Image courtesy of terminal5insider's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 26 March 2008