Health Nut: Go Faster Food

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Health Nut: Go Faster Food

Here at Londonist we love to indulge in all sorts of devilishly scrumptious treats. However, we know healthy, conscientious eating is the key to a happy life.

Kate Percy is a marathon runner and a cook … and, as of the 10th of January, a blogger. With her Go Faster Food blog, Kate intends to share her progress in training for the Flora London Marathon 2008 and to talk about different foods and recipes which she finds helpful to her training.

One such recipe of Kate’s is spaghetti with mussels, which serves four to six people, “depending on hunger.” According to Kate it (along with “some delicious fresh prawns, fried in butter, garlic, a little finely chopped fresh red chilli and parsley with plenty of fresh bread to mop up the juices”), did just the trick stoking her up the night before her first 15 mile run of 2008. However, she states that:

I wouldn’t eat mussels, or any type of seafood for that matter, before a race, but I love them so much, I am prepared to take a risk otherwise. Also, I feel much more confident about eating seafood if I have bought and prepared it myself.

Go Faster Food is an inspirational blog. We intend to keep reading it to follow Kate’s progress. Go Faster Kate!

Last Updated 18 March 2008