Hands Up If You Love The DLR (And Free Stuff)

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Hands Up If You Love The DLR (And Free Stuff)

Who doesn't love the DLR? OK, missing a train by the smallest of margins then having to wait 10 minutes on a windswept platform on a Sunday night for the next one is no fun whatsoever, and one Londonist writer had a rather hair-raising experience last year, but the dinky driverless light rail system which serves the Isle of Dogs and beyond is a wonderful thing. Even the station names are evocative - West India Quay, Island Gardens (which, as a friend pointed out recently, sounds rather like another name for paradise), Gallions Reach, and, er, Mudchute. It's in the process of having its capacity increased, too, with shiny new trains on the horizon; good news, as the commuter run into Canary Wharf can be equally as brutally packed as anything served up on the Northern line of a morning.

So we were delighted to see, in our favourite Facebook group, People who like to sit at the front of the DLR and pretend they're driving, a wall post from the DLR's PR manager David Sanders offering a free DLR goody bag to anyone who emailed him asking nicely. We duly sent off and our goody bag of wonders arrived a few days later (see picture). The DLR watches are particularly cheery, and the cardboard DLR train packaging for the jelly beans was cute, ingenious and brilliantly frivolous. (There was also a DLR pen included which we forgot to put in the photo, but rest assured, it's very classy.)

Now David has kindly agreed to send out more DLR goody bags to Londonist readers who are quick off the mark..... SORRY READERS THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. Fellow wannabe DLR drivers, what are you waiting for? Get emailing!

Last Updated 25 March 2008


free sample please


Please could you send me a goody bag. I know my two little boys would be over the moon



Did either of you actually bother to read the instructions in the above post? Just wondering.


Would be happy to receive freebies please. I really need a new watch! Thank u :)


My daughter would love the train included in the DLR bag of wonders , thanks!



Free sample and informations please...


Hi there,

May I please have a goodie bag as it looks so cool,,

thank you


Hi could i have a goody bag please as my 2 lads would absolutely love it.


hey the watch and goodies look ace!
I need a new watch, cheers x


My hubby does the "pretend to drive" thingy when he uses the DLR!..(supposed to be a secret!).. I know he'd love a free goodie-bag, so I emailed off for one... fingers crossed! thanks in anticipation... x


My daughter loves traines and the DLR, we used to use the dlr all the time, but have now moved out of london. the goody bag would make her very happy. many thanks





My son is absolutely obsessed with DLR trains. Unfortunately being a 2 year old he decided to have a bath with his Cardboard DLR jelly bean train. Now everyday he says: 'Mummy, I need a DLR train please.' He is very upset. Please if you have one of these trains lying not being used send it to: Jacob Roper 104a Plashet Grove E6 1AB London. It would make a little boy very very happy. Thanks