Gimme Moore, Moore, Moore at Kew - Last Chance!

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Gimme Moore, Moore, Moore at Kew - Last Chance!

Yes, this is one of those "last chance to see" posts. This time, (you'll just have to imagine the drum roll) it's the Henry Moore exhibition in Kew. But it really does warrant the attention.

You are not going to see such a fine range of Henry Moore work in the flesh in such beautiful surroundings for a long time. Well not without doing lots of intercontinental travelling. Don't believe us? Check out fellow Londonista's Chris Osburn's excellent video here.

Don't let the potentially poor weather scare you off. We are making a Sod's Law assumption that it will probably be a bit damp, or rainy. It is England after all. Well it certainly was last Saturday when we visited Kew. Despite discovering that, yes, we had holes in both shoes, and cold wet feet and squishy socks suck (mostly water and mud it would seem), it was still very much worth it. For once the hype lives up to the show. You need to be able to walk around and in some cases through these sculptures. We could waffle on about how he is easily the most famous British sculptor of the last century, but we won't. We'll just say that the rain and overcast sky added a slight air of menace and gloom to these huge impressive beautiful sculptures. In fact if you have moody teenagers to drag somewhere it might just be


You have 12 days left.

Words & image by Oliver Gili.

Moore at Kew runs until 30 March. For more information click here

Last Updated 18 March 2008