Dick Whittington; Ken Livingstone; You?

By Zoe Craig Last edited 130 months ago
Dick Whittington; Ken Livingstone; You?

We've all done it. Sat in the pub, arguing about the merits of the mayoral candidates and perhaps, journos aside, thought, "if only they were all a bit more down-to-earth, a bit more normal, more like you and me..."

Well, here's a solution. www.londonelectsYOU.co.uk gives everyone the chance to put themselves forward as an independent candidate. Yes, even you.*

Or that ambitious, politically savvy mate of yours who you think would actually do a great job as a candidate for mayor.

Here's how it works: members of the site, which is free to join, can vote for whoever they want. The winning candidate is announced on 28 March. Then the nice people at londonelectsYOU will provide £50,000 of campaign funding for the winner, (including their deposit) and support their election campaign.

Sound like a tempting challenge? Well, sign up, and start campaigning for the issues you believe in.

Even if you haven't got ambitions to cycle down to City Hall each morning, it's worth taking a look and giving some of the other candidates a thumbs up (or otherwise). We have to admit, we're not sure about Richard Bastard, 30, Wealthy CEO: "the only way in which we can free London from socialism is by destroying the rationally bankrupt institution of politics…" Right-o.

*just as long as you're over 18; live OR work in London and are a UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth Citizen. And are a registered voter.

Last Updated 05 March 2008