Accessing Wheelchair Accessible London?

By tikichris Last edited 130 months ago
Accessing Wheelchair Accessible London?


A man rolls into a bar. Sounds like the start of a dumb joke? It’s not. Wheelchair-enabled people like going out in the evening as much as anybody. What does appear to be a joke is how difficult it can be to find info about wheelchair accessible pubs et al in London. We did a bit of online snooping and were dismayed by the lack of resources out there.

What material we did come across was either scant or required considerable time to wade through … or both. There’s a short and not terribly inspiring list of Recommended Disabled Access Bars at A Google search for “wheelchair accessible pubs London” yields a Google Map with about 1800 results. Unfortunately most of those results appear to be hotels. A search for “wheelchair” at Beer in the Evening prompts a list of all sorts of links to discussions on the site, most of which appear to be written by real people with real opinions and experiences to share. But, you’ll probably need to dig. A similar search on Fancyapint? bears reviews of three pubs.

So, we’re just wondering what our readers have to say about the situation. Is there a need for a wheelchair accessible pub map along the lines of our Free WiFi map? Know of any online resource worth sharing? Leave a comment. We’d love to know what you think.

Photography courtesy of _imax’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 06 March 2008