What's for Lunch? Palmers

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What's for Lunch? Palmers

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.


40 Old Street, EC1V 9AE

Nearest Tube:


020 7250 0002

11am-2am (all week)

Expect to Pay: 3 pounds for a medium kofta or shish and

salad, 2 pounds for humus and salad.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Yes, we know, this is a kebab shop, a high street kebab shop. Or in this case an Old Street Kebab shop in Clerkenwell. You're probably thinking what, kebabs for lunch? Only for those whose first course has been somewhat liquid!

Let us stop you there. Sure the ubiquitous lamb donner is to be avoided, But the shish, and kofta kebabs? Well it is grilled meat, with fresh salad on bread. So that's healthy, and a hefty chunk of your five a day, then. Why recommend this particular establishment? Well the salad is good, with lovely ripe tomatoes. The meat also tasty, especially the Koftas. But that is not the real reason. Rather than the usual incendiary red sauce from a squeezy plastic bottle it has home made Turkish chili sauce. In place of the usual runny mayonnaise that has clearly been brought up, feral-child-like, by white emulsion paint, it has proper Turkish garlic yoghurt. If they also used Turkish flat bread in place of the regular pita, then it would rate higher, obviously. They also do a large kebab with fresh salad and home made hummus for 2 pounds. Ideal for the more skint, or vegetarian, of eaters.

Written by Oliver Gili. Photography by Chris Osburn © 2008.

Last Updated 12 February 2008