Week Around the -Ists

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Week Around the -Ists


Photo by Phillyist's Matt Johnson, SkyscraperSunset.com, December 19, 2007.

  • Phillyist explored an impending implosion and lived to tell the tale.
  • Gothamist marveled at the city's new NYC-branded condom campaign - especially the use of a Toronto landmark in the advertising. (Also, fun fact: Gothamist turned five years old yesterday.)
  • Tired of the worldwide Scientology protests? Torontoist totally isn't: they covered the big downtown protest the day it happened, and followed up with an examination of all of the protests' legality, according to hate crime laws, a few days later.
  • LAist also got into the fray outside the "Anonymous" Scientology protests, netting a killer photo essay and some on-site video of the vociferous crew in their V for Vendetta masks.
  • And would you look at that: SFist covered last Sunday's thetan hatefest too.
  • According to Seattlest, area travel author Rick Steves and the Washington state ACLU want to talk to you about legalizing pot.
  • DCist took a good look at the results of the "Potomac Primary" and put together an interactive map that shows the breakdown of exactly why Washington, D.C. is Obama Country.
  • Speaking of which, Austinist reported on Mayor Will Wynn (heh) endorsing Barack Obama.
  • Chicagoist continues to be obsessed with all odd Obama accessories,

    like these

    fly one-of-a-kind, hand-painted kicks.

  • And in non-Obama/Scientology-free news, Bostonist met with one of the wine world's biggest renegades, Gary Vaynerchuk, host of the Wine Library TV podcast.
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