Week Around the -ists

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Week Around the -ists

Photograph of Michael Strahan, coach Tom Coughin (holding the Vince Lombardi trophy) and quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning by Tien Mao

  • Gothamist was amazed after the Giants won the Super Bowl, the city went wild, and it witnessed a ticker-tape parade.
  • Barack Obama drew 20,000+ ahead of Seattleā€™s Saturday caucus.
  • Londonist had Super Tuesday too.
  • Elusive guerrilla street artist Banksy revisits Los Angeles.
  • After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl and came this close to making history, Bostonist spent much of the week consoling itself and trying to think about baseball.
  • Toronto has been experiencing a ton of snow lately, so

    they tried to make the best of it by

    href="http://torontoist.com/2008/02/phototo_snowbal.php">photographing a big, organized snowball fight


  • SFist partook in some hipster bashing.
  • Shanghaiist uncovered all the sordid details of Hong Kong's biggest celebrity sex scandal ever.
  • DCist was concerned about a new reality TV show in the works that might make people who live in Washington look like privileged jerks.
  • Phillyist wants a pet baby more than anything in the world.
  • Chicagoist had a time honored motorists vs. cyclists debate.
  • Austinist reported on seven-time Tour de France champ and crybaby Lance Armstrong's hissy fit at a local venue.
  • Last Updated 10 February 2008