Tube Censors Pink-Boxered Christ

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Tube Censors Pink-Boxered Christ

Where's your sense of humour, blokes? Can't a fat, hairy-chested guy fake being crucified while wearing pink boxers anymore? Well, he can't in the tube.

London Underground censors just banned posters for Fat Christ, a play showing this week at Islington's King's Head Theatre. They fear the ads in Angel station, showing the mock crucifixion of the play's writer, Gavin Davis, are "likely to offend ethnic, religious or other major groups."

The author, though, apologizes for nothing about his farcical poster that depicts a scene from his play, in which a man who auditioned for Jesus Christ Super Star was told he was too portly for the part.

Even some churches think the censors are going overboard: Rev Stephen Coles, of St. Thomas' Church in Finsbury Park told the Islington Tribune

“The itch to censor is something one should resist. I can’t quite see how this could cause offence. We’re grown-ups and Jesus can defend himself. One has to be a little wary of indulging the super-sensitive.” Mr Coles added that putting Christ in boxer shorts preserved his dignity more than usual.

The best thing about this overblown situation is that the play is now getting much more exposure in the local press than it was from having one poster up in Islington. Fat Christ gets to be the banned bad boy, which will only encourage you to go sneak out and see it. Here's to its successful run!

Last Updated 25 February 2008