The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

39. London UFOs Part Five

In the summer of ’67 in South London, three witnesses described encountering a black craft with a luminous yellow glow hovering around fifty-feet from the ground. The object suddenly descended, beaming an orange light to the soil, as there suddenly appeared a weird hairless humanoid with webbed hands, which soon re-entered the object that then took off.

During the winter of 1967 one of London’s most impressive UFO sightings took place and was witnessed by thousands across the south-east. It was 7pm on a clear night when a man spotted the oval-shaped object. It was travelling low at around 4000 ft, and straight, but not at great speed, and it had a multi-colouration as it throbbed. Others watched the object as it went over a cloud, giving off an amazing electric lightshow. Witnesses believed that the craft would have been picked up on radar at Heathrow.

After the sighting, television, radio and newspaper channels were bombarded with calls as the craft moved south, and the story made a front page column of The Daily Mirror.

By this point, a group of teenagers had formed the Enfield UFO Investigation Society after a flap of sightings in the mid-‘60s.

One year later at Stratford, a witness to a strange craft a few hours earlier had just finished supper when she looked outside and noticed a figure of around five feet in height in the yard. The bizarre humanoid had goat legs, was covered in dark fur and had green eyes and a long muzzle. Although it appeared malevolent, the witness, for some time after the incident, felt enlightened and felt she’d gained more wisdom telepathically from the creature. Nothing more was heard from the satyr-like manifestation.

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