The London That Never Was (Fortunately)

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The London That Never Was (Fortunately)
If the Daily Express were Mayor

At first glance, this looks like a rather pleasant alternative to the Millennium Bridge - a verdant, undulating span like nothing else in London. But look at what's written along the side and you may feel your gorge begin to rise.

The Diana Memorial Bridge is one of dozens of abandoned London schemes in a long-running thread on skyscrapercity forums. These include an X-rated erotic gherkin, a bulbous colander for Trafalgar Square and, our favourite, this bombastic Albert Memorial at Westminster.


Last Updated 23 February 2008


That Diana bridge would've been awesome! They could have had an animatronic Elton John at one end, complete with comedy jumping eyebrows, crooning out his '97 Candle In The Wind.