Takeout Stakeout: Basilico (Islington)

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Takeout Stakeout: Basilico (Islington)

Londonist brings it on home.


26 Penton St N1 9PS

Delivery Area: Islington

0800 093 4224

5pm-wee hours (Monday-Thursday)

11am-wee hours (Friday-Sunday)

Expect to Pay: Around £10 for a 13” pie or £15 for an 18”

Rating: 7 out of 10

On a handful of occasions, Londonist has ordered pizza from the Basilico franchise in Islington, a takeaway and delivery pizzeria with five locations. We were pleased with the Americana (Italian spicy pepperoni, green and red bell peppers, spring onion chopped tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and mozzarella) and no less than impressed with the Proscuitto Dolce (olive oil, figs, Dolcelatte, semi dry cherry tomatoes, wild rocket and Parma ham). And, while we’re at it, Basilico’s All Day Breakfast (crispy cured bacon, Cumberland sausage, tomato, free range eggs, mushrooms and mozzarella) didn’t let us down either. Basilico has a range of many more pizzas with a menu stating that the “recipes are flexible so please feel free to customize your pizza to your own requirements.” Basilico’s pizzas come in two sizes: 13” and 18”. The menu suggests that the 13” is suitable for one or two persons. However, Londonist would deem this size too big for one but not quite enough for two. As for the 18”, it’s a similar story: slightly too much for two people but just a little short of ample for three. Anyway, cold pizza is wonderful as a mid afternoon snack or a next day breakfast; so, just order a bit more than you might otherwise think you’ll require. Another minor complaint is that Basilico’s pizzas come without being sliced, making the otherwise social aspect of ordering pizza somewhat problematic. A reliable source confirms that City workers have even resorted to using scissors to cut their pizzas!

Other London bloggers have much to say about Basilico, most of it positive. J at Have Fork Will Travel believes Basilico deserves “all the plaudits they’ve received” because the pizzas are cooked “expertly in a wood-burning oven.” Ripe London, who finds Basilico’s pizzas to be “amazingly” good, considers them “a trusted friend on speed-dial.” Even lentilpraxis, which gives Basilico a zero out of 10 rating, must confess that, “On the plus side the pizza base is passable; the whole not-too-thick not-too-thin thing is done just right.”

Not our favorite pizza in London, we’re still happy Basilico exists and will continue to call ‘em up when a little deliverance is needed.

Photography by Tiki Chris © 2008

Last Updated 04 February 2008


I've ordered from these guys and they're pretty good (they're no Santore', of course). I prefer their plain mozzarella and tomato pizza to any of the other somewhat over worked combinations. And, btw, scissors are the best way to slice a large pizza. That circular blade with handle gadget is utterly useless.


Hmmm... we ordered the Proscuitto Dolce the night before last and weren't too impressed. The pizza arrived stone cold, with just some ham and rocket whacked on after it had been cooked. No sign of figs or dolcelatte. The base was scrumptious, so I can imagine that if hot and nicely topped it would be wonderful.

Or maybe we were missing the point... is that sort of pizza supposed to be cold?


No, it shouldn't be cold. They do take long to deliver and sometimes miss the toppings listed. I've had that experience too.


"No sign of figs or dolcelatte."

Was it from the Islington branch? I've been lucky: never a mix up and always within 45 mins.

Sorry to hear they screwed up your pizza. That's a huge bummer.

If it was in the Islington area, after 6pm and NOT on Sunday ... try ordering from Santore next time:


It was from one of the South London branches, Lavender Hill I think. Santore looks lush, will definitely add that to the list of ones to try. Thanks. x


Hmmm. Can't comment on any of the branches but the one in Islington, but thanks for the South London supplement! Yes, Santore is lovely - one of Londonist's faves of 2007: