The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

40. London UFOs Part Six

The ‘70s began slow for UFO reports over the capital, but then things got very weird! Firstly, at Acton, a witness reported a UFO sighting to Hounslow Police Station. Then, two police officers in the same building spotted presumably the same craft and watched it with binoculars. The craft was circular and bright but showing black spots. A Scotland Yard spokesperson confirmed the sightings.

Then, in 1975 near Erith, a male witness saw an object shaped liked an airship that drifted over south-east London. It was a brightly lit, orange craft which the witness observed for more than five minutes.

1977 started oddly – during the January a man in an unnamed location of London saw a crackling orb in the sky and then caught a fleeting glimpse of a three-foot tall, yellow humanoid which glided over the ground. However, the ‘77 Hainault Forest incident is one bizarre case pretty much overlooked by many investigators over the years. On 5th May in this London borough, two police officers saw a huge red light moving near the lake. The object was only three-hundred yards away when it completely vanished. The officers bravely approached, when one of them spotted a strange white craft, which also suddenly disappeared. The only traces of the objects was a strong burning smell. On May 8th at 7pm, two men parked up in a marshy, heavily wooded area known as Cabin Hill, in the forest. They took a stroll with their dogs but were alerted to a rustling noise in the bushes. To their horror, they were approached by an eight-feet-tall, four-foot wide blue figure that suddenly vanished into the woods, twenty-five feet away.

Legend claims that two more strange figures were also seen in the area during the September.

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