The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

38. London UFOs Part Four

Newspapers across the world were being bombarded by UFO reports by the time the ‘50s had glided by. On July 15th 1963 a farmer from Charlton found a crater, measuring 2 ½ metres wide and the same deep on his land. Around the hole were four impressions, as if something had stood or landed there – soil and foliage surrounding the hole were scorched.

Weird lights seen over the capital and heading for Epping were backed up when on 27th December ’63 an odd, white craft was seen in fields at Epping.

August 15th 1967, 2:10 am, and a male witness in North London visiting the bathroom noticed an object out the window, at eye-level, just five-hundred yards away, dazzling and stationary. Two smaller lights suddenly shot out from the bright object, then the larger light began to wobble and rise. The object moved towards the man, losing its dazzle and appearing as pear-shaped. The craft went over the house and the man was able to see that its underside was constructed of thousands of tiny lights – yet despite its sheer size there was no sound.

After the initial shock and excitement, the witness called the police who logged the call. However, after calming himself, he noticed the right side of his face, his hands and right arm had browned and become flaky.

According to the witness, others had seen the craft, and all including him were taken by private vehicles to the Ministry Of Defence in London to discuss and sketch what they’d seen.

Although the unnamed location of the sighting was sectioned off for a while due to the discovery of unusual impressions in the soil, nothing more was heard about the incident and the witness made a recovery from wounds said to have been caused by ultra violet radiation.

By Neil Arnold

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