Met Recruitment Unwittingly Headed by Monster

By KizzieFK Last edited 137 months ago
Met Recruitment Unwittingly Headed by Monster

The Met Police have been hacked. Well, at least the external company that manages its site has been. Someone "emblazoned" their home page with fuzzy, stripey, red-lipped, unibrowed monster Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, a kids' TV show.

Called Officer Brobee on the site — gotta stay in character, right? — he said

"Oh hai guys, do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz? I see that teh so15 anti-terrorism anti-lulz police are hiring more incompetent nervy edgy sociopaths to make London's streets just that little bit safer! Oh lulz."

The prank has been stifled now, though, and the recruitment site looks to be back to normal. We imagine the police are looking into the incident and trying to find the kid-show-watching culprit.

Brobee mug shot courtesy of Buffawhat's Flickrstream

Last Updated 26 February 2008