Live Review: Parka @ Borderline

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Live Review: Parka @ Borderline

Remember when indie bands had a want to succeed? A desire to achieve? Not many bands have it in this corporate day and age, towing the line, saying what they’re told (yes, Scouting For Girls, we’re looking at you), however one band seems like they may just be able to break the mainstream, and still have the desire to achieve massive things.

Their name? Parka.

This Glasgow via London quintet played the “Bollocks to Poverty” event at London’s Borderline, along with The Krak, LR Rockets and Toy Guns. After two rather solid performances from LR Rockets and Toy Guns, it was Parka’s turn, the first band to really get people dancing. Granted, their tunes aren’t completely innovative, they just use a tried and tested formula of guys and guitars (and in their case, a saxophonist too) to make good lads-down-the-pub music. The path trodden by Boy Kill Boy, the Fratellis, the Ordinary Boys and Madness before them is repeated, re-hashed and re-built into some instantly hummable tunes.

Looking like a lo-fi Klaxons with day-glo braces, lead singer Matty guided the fivesome through an impressive set, talking little just plain straight-up guitar tunes. “This is a slower song, so you can dance if you want, or just beat the crap out of each other. If you chose the latter, do it gently, it is a charity gig” commented Matty with a smirk on his face, before plunging into “Closing Time”.

It’s surprising how, with only two released singles, they’ve got such a strong set, culminating in a stage invasion by The Krak ahead of their headlining slot later in the evening. Drunk, yes, but with so much, well, oomph, they could be a force to be reckoned with should the likes of Radio 1 get behind them.

Last Updated 06 February 2008